Andrew O’Brien

Andrew O’Brien is director of policy at Demos

Could cutting inheritance tax keep the Tories in power?

Is cutting, or abolishing, inheritance tax the key to keeping the Tories in power? Inheritance tax is certainly unpopular and is described by some voters as a ‘death tax’. Back in 2007, the Tories were in a similar predicament to the one they find themselves in now: they consistently trailed Labour in the polls. But

Why the Tories struggle to shake off the ‘nasty party’ label

The Conservatives’ brand is being taken to the cleaners. According to Lord Ashcroft’s focus groups, the words and phrases most often associated with the Conservative party right now are ‘untrustworthy’, ‘for themselves’, ‘out of touch’, and ‘for the few’. The Conservatives are at risk of becoming the Nasty Party again. Given all the years spent