Andy Coulson

Andy Coulson is the former Downing Street Director of Communications, founder of Coulson Partners and host of the podcast Crisis What Crisis?

What happens after Rupert Murdoch?

Orderly, understated and out of a clear blue sky. From a comms point of view, Rupert Murdoch’s retirement bombshell was more The Waltons than Succession: a family love-in that truly marked the end of an era. There won’t be another Rupert Murdoch. There won’t be another risk-taking entrepreneur who’ll put their time and money where

The BBC should admit its mistake and get Lineker back

While sports fans this morning are discussing why the entire England rugby team backed Gary Lineker by choosing not to turn up at Twickenham, the drama rumbles on. At its heart, this is a communications crisis borne out of that all-too-often-seen disease of people with important jobs taking themselves far too seriously. First we have

How Matt Hancock turned a failure into success

Eating kangaroo penis on live TV will not be the first gut wrenching challenge of Matt Hancock’s career. At the end of a long day in September 2007, Matt walked into my office looking like his dog, cat and pet parrot had all been shot. He closed the door behind him and said: ‘We have