Anil Bhoyrul

The death of political authority

37 min listen

In this week’s episode:Why is there a lack of faith in western leaders? Spectator deputy editor Freddy Gray, Callum Williams from the Economist & Harvard professor Barbara Kellerman discuss why the world feel so leaderless. (00:44) Also this week:How do you escape the Church of Scientology? Spectator Columnist Mary Wakefield talks with former scientologist Claire Headley

My 68 seconds in the ring as a white-collar boxer

  Dubai There was still a minute to go in round one when my opponent Rudy started hugging me. ‘Are you OK? Are you OK? I’m so, so sorry,’ he said, looking distraught. Then the doctor appeared, shoved an oxygen tank over my face and ordered me to lie flat on the canvas. That was

Anil Bhoyrul, Lionel Shriver and Melissa Kite

18 min listen

On this episode, Anil Bhoyrul starts by asking if it’s racist to wonder what colour your child’s skin will be. (01:05) Lionel Shriver is up next, and says the West has used China’s totalitarian tactics to suppress Covid. (05:05) Melissa Kite finishes the podcast, and describes her encounter with ‘obnoxious Surrey battleaxes’. (14:15)

Death on the NHS

I’ve never understood the phrase ‘died peacefully’. Two weeks ago I watched my mother die, in the very same NHS hospital where I watched my father die almost ten years earlier. There was nothing peaceful about it, at least from my unwanted ringside seat. The end — acute pneumonia providing the final nail in a

Dubai Notebook | 7 February 2013

François Hollande rolled into town for the World Future Energy Summit here recently, but hardly anyone noticed. There is little enthusiasm for his thoughts on clean energy deployment. In any case, in Dubai we prefer D-list celebs to A-list politicians. Just over a year ago, Kim Kardashian brought Dubai to a virtual standstill for two days when she opened a shop