I’m a junior doctor – here’s why I won’t be striking

The British Medical Association (BMA) has this week announced a new four-day strike for junior doctors, which will take place after the Easter bank holiday. The strike will lead to the NHS having a reduced service for ten days in a row, when you include the two bank holidays and weekends. I am a junior doctor, and

2271: I’m not here or there

All but one of the unclued lights can be preceded by the same word, large or small. Solvers are requested to highlight the other thematic solution which does not follow this pattern. Brewer confirms the theme. Across 3    Acrylic pot he refashioned in copper and iron compound (12) 11    33 returning after the usual time

Dumped by Dave

Divorce is something I have yet to experience personally but Dave’s reshuffle has set me up nicely for any future threat to my own nuptial bliss. Out of the blue comes the call. It’s Dave’s office. ‘We need to talk — can you come over?’ And better I come round the back way to 10

Target men

I am a long-serving officer in the Metropolitan Police and my passion for the job is matched only by my frustration and anger at what I see going on around me. The Met is capable of, and frequently achieves, great things. But this happens in spite of the way it is run, not because of