Charles Holland

Charles Holland is a barrister at Francis Taylor Building and Trinity Chambers.

No, there is no Downing Street Christmas party loophole

Was 10 Downing Street really a rule-free zone when it came to the coronavirus regulations, the laws which have governed our lives to varying extents since the pandemic first erupted? Steven Barrett writing on Coffee House, says that it was: ‘the regulations almost certainly never applied to No. 10 anyway,’ he argues. I’m not convinced.

Why we should apply common sense to Covid regulations

Footage of a police officer interrupting the Good Friday liturgy to disperse and send home the congregation of a Polish Catholic Church in Balham has become the subject of a media storm over the Easter weekend. A strongly worded statement from the parish alleges that ‘the police grossly exceeded their powers by issuing their order

Boris’s latest lockdown rules are more baffling than ever

When Boris Johnson rolled back the legal restrictions over summer as Britain emerged from the first lockdown, he was clear that enough was enough: ‘Neither the police themselves, nor the public that they serve, want virtually every aspect of our behaviour to be the subject of the criminal law…After a long period of asking…the British public,

What does the Tier 4 law on travelling actually say?

As is perhaps inevitable when advance notice is given of a stable door shutting, the response of many in London last night was to head for the railway stations and get out of town whilst they could. The reaction to this has been condemnation. The Health Secretary Matt Hancock described the scenes at stations as