Charlie Walsham

Charlie Walsham is the pseudonym of a BBC News employee who has worked at the Corporation for several years.

Why are BBC staff trying to get me fired?

It’s not a pleasant feeling to know there are colleagues in your workplace who think you should be summarily dismissed and marched out of the building, flanked by security. Yet I learned this week that this is my predicament. As reported by GB News, unidentified BBC employees have been trying to identify me and have me fired

How did the BBC get the trans debate so wrong?

What must it feel like to realise you are part of an organisation that has placed so-called progressive values ahead of evidence, risking real-world harms to countless vulnerable young people?   In the wake of the publication of the Cass review into gender identity services for under-18s in England, I know exactly how that feels.

Has BBC Verify done more harm than good?

As an increasingly jaded BBC hack, I reacted to the creation of BBC Verify last May with temple-rubbing despondency. The definition of ‘verify’ is to ‘to prove that something exists or is true, or to make certain that something is correct’. This is, in essence, the most basic rule of journalism. Yet here we were,

Inside the chaos over Huw Edwards at the BBC

It’s been a truly surreal, disturbing and darkly comic week at the BBC. Much remains obscured, but one thing is crystal clear: longstanding institutional failings over the way the Corporation handles serious complaints remain unaddressed.  On a more positive note, however, the events of the last few days have again showcased one of the BBC’s

Will the BBC own up to its Covid impartiality failings?

As Gary Lineker resumes his duties as the BBC’s highest-paid employee, it is worth appreciating that one of the Corporation’s greatest strengths is that its own journalists are willing and able to criticise the organisation in their coverage without professional repercussions. The broadcaster’s many critics should recognise this self-flagellation for what it is: a vital

The problem with the BBC’s reporting on excess deaths

I recall the newsroom conversations during the dark days of the pandemic only too well. They were upsetting at the time. Now, as we see a disturbing rise in excess deaths across the country, the thought of them fills me with horror and outrage.  ‘You do realise these lockdowns and restrictions will end up killing

How the BBC was captured by trans ideology

During Pride month this year a banner has been emblazoned across the BBC’s internal staff website used by every single employee. It features the following text: ‘BBC Pride 2022: Bringing together LGBTQ+ people of all genders, sexualities and identities at the BBC.’ Most people who work at the BBC aren’t concerned about this. But the

The real problem with the BBC’s partygate coverage

As a journalist, it’s never a comfortable feeling when the news organisation you work for becomes the story. But with No. 10 desperate to throw some ‘red meat’ to the green benches — to take the spotlight off the rotting carcass of ‘partygate’ — it was inevitable that the BBC would end up being fed

How the BBC lost its way on Covid

I have been a BBC journalist for many years, and in that time I have been committed to impartiality and the corporation’s Reithian values to inform and educate. My despair about the BBC’s one-sided coverage of the pandemic though has been steadily growing for some time. And in early December, as I listened to a