Daniel Finkelstein

An excellent Iron Lady, a dismal Denis

Why did they choose Jim Broadbent to play Denis Thatcher? You see, The Iron Lady can make a great boast. The central performance is extremely convincing. So convincing that you get lost in it. You don’t end up watching the film, thinking ‘God, that performance by Meryl Streep is excellent.’ You just accept that she is

When Marty met George

Martin Scorsese’s new documentary about George Harrison, Living in the Material World, hasn’t been going long when its subject says something that made me laugh out loud, and at the same time explained all that followed. Speaking of his first attempt at writing music — a song called ‘Don’t Bother Me’ — he said he

Dear Peter, here’s how to revive the Labour party

To: Peter Mandelson From: Daniel Finkelstein Re: What Labour should do now I was, naturally, flattered to be informed that you would like me to provide you with a memo of advice on how Labour should cope with its predicament. As I explained to your assistant, I do not have much of a history of

The great Tory tax and spend battle: seconds out…

In the wake of Cameron’s decision to drop his pledge to match Labour spending, Fraser Nelson and Daniel Fin kelstein of the Times trade rhetorical blows over the issue that is gripping and troubling the Conservative party as it adjusts to the transformed economic context Dear Fraser, I feel we really need to have a