David Baddiel

The vibrancy of the Edinburgh Festival

I’m doing a show in Edinburgh for the first time in a long while. It’s fun, although I feel I’m basically wearing a scent called Elder Statesman (I’m hoping it smells more of ancient leather and authority than incontinence). I get stopped in the street a lot, including by some people who have not mistaken

David Baddiel – is anti-Semitism a blind spot?

46 min listen

In the second episode of Marshall Matters, Winston speaks with David Baddiel on his powerful book Jews Don’t Count, the experience of writing the alternative national anthem ‘Three Lions’ and his recent stand up show ‘Trolls — Not The Dolls’.

Philip Roth — most meta of novelists, and most honest

On page 532 of my preview copy of this biography of Philip Roth there is a footnote. In it, Blake Bailey quotes from Roth’s novel Deception, where the character of Philip Roth asks his mistress what she would do if she was approached after his death by a biographer. Would she talk to him? She

David Baddiel: I’ve been cancelled – for real

‘Cancelled’ is quite a buzzword of our times, isn’t it? Up until about ten days ago, it referred mainly to cancel culture, that ability of Twitter mobs to rule on whether or not a celebrity misdemeanour means the end of celebrity for that celebrity. But recently someone tweeted me the words: ‘Nature: “I’ll show you