David Whitehouse

The truth about the global warming pause

Between the start of 1997 and the end of 2014, average global surface temperature stalled. This 18-year period is known as the global warming pause, also sometimes referred to as the global warming hiatus. The rise in global temperatures that alarmed climate campaigners in the 1990s had slowed so much that the trend was no longer

The alluring prospect of life on Mars

If you happened to be standing today on the reddish sand of Meridiani Planum – a vast, flat, expanse just south of the Martian equator – you might well spot a dark spec in the distance against the peach-coloured sky, moving towards you. In the next few hours, the European Space Agency’s Schiaparelli probe will

In defence of Nigel Lawson, and his fellow climate sceptics

Some people find climate change ‘deniers’ the most irritating people on God’s green earth. On her Telegraph blog Martha Gill equates them with flat-earthers, which says a lot for the depth of her analysis. She points to a piece on the Huffington Post by Bob Ward of the Grantham Research Institute on Climate Change and the