Raghib Ali

Dr Raghib Ali is a clinical epidemiologist at the University of Cambridge and an honorary consultant in acute medicine at the Oxford University Hospitals NHS Trust. He writes in a personal capacity.

Lockdown delay is a price worth paying

For the first time during this pandemic, I think we should delay lifting restrictions. Looking at the latest data, it seems that the Prime Minister was right to postpone ‘Freedom Day’. I am no zero-Covider. Its clear restrictions can be as harmful as Covid. Last September, it seemed obvious that a ‘circuit breaker’ lockdown would have just

Vaccination offers us a road out of lockdown. Let’s take it

As an epidemiologist and doctor who volunteered to return to the frontline in both waves, I have seen first hand the death and suffering from Covid. And, also, the knock-on effects on those affected by cancelled services. Deciding when to end lockdown is, of course, a difficult decision, but I now fear the costs of