to 2249: Transformation

In line with 10A, other unclued lights were anagrams of US states: 17A ILLINOIS; 29A MARYLAND; 35A UTAH; 7D TEXAS; 9D OREGON; 18D MINNESOTA; 33D MAINE. First prize Paul Davies, Reading, Berkshire Runners-up D.P. Shenkin, London WC1; Mrs J. James, Harrow, Middlesex

2252: Writer deploys me

11/22, 36/1D, 48/2, 9/30 and 17/46 combine to form anagrams of the titles of five works (four of two words, one of three) by a writer whose name will appear diagonally in the grid and must be shaded.   Across   1    Moll producing sauce or gravy (5) 6    Jolly sister shampooing (7) 12    Small

2246: Where’s Maggie?

Unclued lights (including one of two words and three pairs, 37 doing double duty) are characters in a play. A representation (fourteen letters) of its title appears in the completed grid and must be shaded.   Across   12    Short of money Rameau composed airs (5) 13    Understanding uni, long historic, admitting pupil teacher (6)

To 2243: Obit III

WARREN MITCHELL (42/43), STAR (39) of stage and screen, died on 14th November 2015. He won an Olivier Award as Willy LOMAN (25) in DEATH OF A SALESMAN (18A/16) and a BAFTA TV Award as Alf Garnett in TILL DEATH US DO PART (10/18A/15). ALF GARNETT (diagonally from the first row) was to be shaded.

2243: Obit III

Last year we lost a popular 39 of stage and screen. 18A/16 (four words in total) and 10/18A/15 (five words in total) are titles linked with the 39. 25 is the name16, while the remaining unclued lights give the name of the 39. A closely linked name (two words) will appear diagonally in the grid

To 2238: Old issues

The title suggests BACK NUMBERS (8/15). Remaining unclued lights contain ‘back numbers’: GENEVESE (1A), MARXIST (20), GENETTE (24), XENON (37), GROWTH (42) and MENINGES (43). 8 and 15 were to be shaded. First prize Margaret Lusk, Fulwood, Preston, Lancs Runners-up Tim Hanks, Douglas, Isle of Man; Anthony Harker, Cumnor Hill, Oxford

To 2235: Vile stuff

The quotation was ‘IS THIS A [DAGGER] WHICH I SEE BEFORE ME’ (1/44) (Macbeth).18, 22, 2, 27, 29 and 30D are daggers. BASELARD (diagonally from the 12th row) was to be shaded. VILE STUFF suggests BASE LARD. First prize Michael Sargisson, Norwich Runners-up Brian Willis, Bicton, Australia; Deborah Davis, Sholing, Southampton

2238: Old issues

The title suggests a pair of unclued lights which identify the common feature of the others. Solvers must shade the pair. Elsewhere, ignore an apostrophe.   Across 5 Protozoon seen wriggling aboard steamboat (6) 9 Water envelops very soft body part (10, two words) 14 One lacking time and place for study (3) 16 Piebald

2235: Vile stuff

1/44 (eight words in total) is part of a question (in ODQ) minus a word exemplified by the other unclued lights (one hyphened). The title suggests a further example (eight letters) which will appear diagonally in the grid and must be shaded. Across 11 Very good not quite excellent dish (4) 13 Awful prig with

To 2232: Ups and downs

The thematic phrase is ‘The Waves’, shown in a wave pattern in the grid. It is the title of a novel by 29A/33; 8, 30 and 36 are types of ocean waves; 14, 16 and 32 are other types of waves. First prize Bob Wightman, Harpenden, Herts Runners-up Tony Dew, London SW13; Frank Upton, Solihull,

2229: Gnome

The third letters of extra words in two dozen clues spell out a 35 (in ODQ 7&8), associated with the 19 31, which explains the remaining unclued lights (all different real words), one of which is the cause of the others and must be shaded.   Across   4    Packed out balls getting odd crew

To 2226: Whitehouse

X was Ingrid Bergman, winner of a TERN (21) of OSCARs (8), who was born on 29th August 1915 and died on her 67th birthday. She appeared in MURDER ON THE ORIENT EXPRESS (O), ANASTASIA (O), FOR WHOM THE BELL TOLLS (perimeter) and GASLIGHT (O) (29). 15, 16 and 23 were to be shaded. Title: Casablanca.

To 2223: Clerihew

Edmund Clerihew Bentley wrote: The art of Biography/ Is different from Geography/ Geography is about maps/ But Biography is about chaps. First prize Val Urquhart, Butcombe, Somerset Runners-up A. Mulholland, Nottingham; Phillip Wickens, Horsham, West Sussex

2226: Whitehouse

Clockwise from 4 run three titles (6,2,3,6,7,9,3,4,3,4,5) linked with X who won a 21 of 8s. 29 is a fourth such title. Solvers must shade the three clued lights that combine to form an anagram of X (two words). 29th August is doubly significant.   Across   9    Sea lion’s grandchild swallowing salt (5) 10   

To 2217: Poem

The poem was Ode on a Grecian Urn by John Keats. 1A, 16, 21A, 30, 38, 8, 13, 27, 29 and 35 all appear in it. A GRECIAN URN appears diagonally from 9. STEAK (39) was to be shaded. First prize Sid Field, Stockton-on-Tees Runners-up M. O’Hanlon, North Berwick, Scotland; Hugh Schofield, Paris

2220: Poem II

Unclued lights (two hyphened) are words (all but one of which are in ODQ) from a poem whose title appears in the completed grid. Two clued lights combine to give the poet’s surname and must be shaded.   Across   1    Brass hat beginning to eat brassica (4) 9    Gem from ring put on partner

To 2214: What’s Up?

The theme word is CLIMBER. All unclued lights are therefore entered going upwards. There are three different types of climbers: plants (1, 8 and 22), mountaineers (4 and 27) and social climbers (14 and 18). First prize Andreas Fabian, Dunsden, Oxon Runners-up Hugh Aplin, London SW19; Sandra Speak, Dursley, Glos

2217: Poem

Unclued lights (one hyphened) are words from a poem whose subject appears in the completed grid. A clued light is an anagram of the poet’s name and must be shaded. Elsewhere, ignore an accent.   Across   7    Pass through range heading west (3) 11    Any chap can empty nappy (6) 14    Gigs annoy heartless

To 2208: MORT

The fictional SCHOLAR (28) was Billy Bunter, described by his creator, Frank Richards, as a ‘FAT GREEDY OWL (22A/31/26)’ (in ODQ). SILLY (13) and PUFFING (18) are associated with ‘Billy’ and KEUPER (4) and MUSCHELKALK (16D) (in Chambers individually and under ‘Triassic’) with ‘Bunter’. Title: ‘bunter’ is a low woman or mort.   First prize

2211: Toddler hero

Clockwise round the grid from 37 runs a quotation plus its source (3,3,5,8,8,5,2,3,6,2,3,4) suggesting the outcome of 2. Remaining unclued lights, combined and subjected to 2, identify the author (three words). Elsewhere, ignore an accent.   Across 8    Garden cheers New World mammals (8) 10    Green and half-green bacteria (5, two words) 12    Lag Ivy