Edie Lush

Making money by doing good needn’t be impossible

‘Impact investing’ — the idea of doing good and making money at the same time — is reaching a tipping point of acceptance. The UN’s Sustainable Development Goals have provided a blueprint that is pushing impact investing into the financial mainstream. Consider a few of our planet’s economic challenges. According to the Business and Sustainable

EXCLUSIVE – Giscard d’Estaing: Hollande will fail

Valéry Giscard d’Estaing is an energetic 86-year old. When we meet in Paris, for the first interview he’s given since the Socialists took power earlier this month, the former French president is fresh off the plane from a hunting trip in Namibia. Soon, he’ll hop on another flight bound for China, where he heads a

Small can be beautiful in difficult times

Uncertainty reigns among UK investors. Will this week’s Budget cuts wither the green shoots of growth? Whatever happened to safety in blue chips when BP’s dividends can vanish into an oil slick? Where’s a stock-picker to turn? If the words ‘small cap’ don’t send you rigid with fright, then there are good reasons to look

Islamic finance stakes its claim

Banking governed by Koranic principles is a rare growth market in a shaken financial world, says Edie Lush — but is it really more stable than its Anglo-Saxon equivalent? The clash of civilisations between the Muslim world and the West takes many forms. Even on the financial front, there are deep differences of philosophy in

Crazy car, crazy company: but maybe it’s the future

Edie Lush encounters Riversimple, a car project with a corporate philosophy that’s as unconventional as its technology and an urge to give away its secrets on the internet Riversimple is either completely revolutionary or totally nuts. At a time when electric cars are the big green fashion, Riversimple’s founders have invented a hydrogen-powered car, and

The parable of The Golden Calf

Edie Lush attends the record-breaking Sotheby’s sale of Damien Hirst’s artworks, and wonders whether it is all a metaphor for the recent madness of financial markets Last Monday was a historic day. Lehman filed for the biggest bankruptcy in history; the insurance giant AIG teetered on the brink; the Dow had its worst day since

Prime time

‘London House Prices Set to Crash! The Capital’s Property Boom Finally Ends! London Housing Bubble Pops!’ As the reality of the US sub-prime property story leaks across the Atlantic, headline writers are gearing themselves to tell the end of the ten-year fairy tale of almost uninterrupted growth in property values in the UK, and specifically

Calling in the Geek Squad

Why would anyone choose to spend an afternoon with a self-proclaimed geek in a clip-on tie, who calls himself a ‘field agent’? Carphone Warehouse is betting that many of us will jump at the chance. They’ve brought the Geek Squad over from the US and are offering their nerds to UK consumers and their computers.

Channel 4 heads closer to the edge

How much do you hate Big Brother? A lot perhaps; but enough to welcome the demise of Channel 4? This is a real possibility: an Ofcom report due in a few days time will detail just how precarious Channel 4’s finances are becoming. While the report’s contents are still unknown, the challenges C4 faces are