Emma Simon

Secret squirrel savings: why keeping financial secrets is a good idea

The Prudential seems shocked to find that many couples aren’t entirely honest with each other when it comes to their finances. The deceptions uncovered were manifold: there were secret squirrel savings accounts, undisclosed credit card debt and personal loans (and occasionally mortgages)-  as well as a general lack of truthfulness about how much each earned.

A crackdown on pension scams is welcome but we need action not words

There was one nugget in Philip Hammond’s first – and last – Autumn Statement that was met with almost universal approval: a crackdown on pension scams and cold-callers. ‘About time too’ seemed to be the general response, including from two former pensions ministers. I certainly wouldn’t disagree with this sentiment. Pension Life, a group that

The Archers, financial abuse and THAT storyline

Millions of us will be tuning in to The Archers this week to see if Helen is found guilty of the attempted murder of her abusive husband, Rob Titchener. For more than a year his bullying and controlling behaviour has made for compulsive, if unsettling, listening for many regular fans like myself. It is interesting

Consumers are worse off thanks to price comparison sites

Price comparison sites are being investigated by competition regulators. Good. It’s about time there was closer scrutiny of these meerkat-loving, opera-singing, stiletto-twerking financial behemoths. To be fair, this current investigation centres on ‘one or two’ energy price comparison sites who are alleged to have breached competition rules for online advertising. This isn’t my main beef

New government pension freedoms will fail

The pension revolution rolls on. Next year more than five million retired people will be able to enjoy the new ‘pension freedoms’ and cash in their annuity. I imagine the daytime TV ads are in the pipeline already, showing cheery pensioners completing the Daily Telegraph crossword in their new conservatory, or heading off into the