Fiyaz Mughal

Fiyaz Mughal is the founder of Tell Mama, the anti-Muslim hate monitor, and a founder and trustee of Muslims Against anti-Semitism.

How Covid will change Ramadan

Ramadan is one of the five pillars of Islam, based on spiritual self-discipline. It is meant to strip away materialism and to connect Muslims to God through self-reflection, fasting and prayer, thereby enhancing the spiritual connection of Muslims to the Almighty. But just as it was for Christians celebrating Easter and Jews celebrating Passover, this

The Batley protestors don’t represent me

The protestors outside Batley Grammar School could be heard shouting ‘Allahu Akbar’ — God is great. It’s a term I often use when I need spiritual strength, a basic prayer. But this time, the prayer was being used as a war cry by those who seemed to think that re-affirming their Muslim identity would help them

The Conservatives should not give up on Muslim voters

Amongst many leaflets posted and campaigns found around this general election, we can see groups setting out to ‘mobilise the Muslim vote’. I find the term stomach-churning. I’m a director of Faith Matters, which seeks to foster good relationships between all faith communities. I don’t believe in seeing people’s political choices as some form of block activity or vote:

It’s time to crack down on Muslim-on-Muslim hatred

There is no doubt that we need a clear definition of anti-Muslim hatred. Having set up Tell MAMA – an organisation monitoring attacks on Muslims – in 2011, I have seen anti-Muslim hate jump in the years since. Fear within Muslim communities has risen as mosques, people and Islamic institutions have been targeted. Together with a corresponding