Gavin Haynes

‘Mm, uh huh, yeah’: Tucker Carlson and journalism’s therapeutic turn

Could the subject of the Sudetenland have been resolved more satisfactorily if Adolf Hitler had been given a more open platform? Somewhere he could really air his views? No messing, no clipping. Four hours on Joe Rogan, perhaps?         It’s a historical what-if stirred up again this week by Tucker Carlson’s interview with Russian leader Vladimir Putin. The rangy

Threads, Twitter and the misery of addiction

Could Threads kill Twitter? Tens of millions have signed up to Meta’s rival app since it was launched this week. Its early success has led to renewed predictions of Twitter’s imminent doom.  When Elon Musk sacked half Twitter’s staff and pronounced himself Chief Twit back in November, the scoffing was endless – and has continued ever since. ‘It’s been an unmitigated