Graham Tomlin

Graham Tomlin is the Bishop of Kensington

Why isn’t the Tory party helping desperate leaseholders?

Marwa al-Sabouni is a Syrian architect who watched her home city of Homs destroyed during the Syrian conflict between 2011 and 2014. Out of that experience, she penned an  intensely moving and haunting account of what the idea of home means. She writes of how the dwellings we live in are intimately connected with our own

Prince Philip and the myth of stoicism

In all the coverage of Prince Philip’s death, one word in the tributes keeps grabbing my attention: stoicism. The Spectator wrote that ‘Prince Philip epitomised a very British stoicism; the Times said ‘the royal marriage was built on stoicism, the odd clash and a deep sense of understanding’. The New Yorker meanwhile claimed that ‘with Prince Philip’s death has