Grayson Quay

Grayson Quay is a Spectator World columnist and weekend editor at The Week

In defence of Amazon’s The Rings of Power

Why is Amazon’s new Lord of the Rings show taking so much flak? The way I see it, there are two (mostly separate) factors at play: Tolkien fandom and race. First, Tolkien fandom. Despite the best efforts of the Tolkien Society to ‘queer’ Tolkien studies, the Inkling’s biggest admirers tend to be Christians on the

Who will win the battle for ‘based’?

Earlier this week, a pair of right-libertarian journalists announced the launch of their new site, BASEDPolitics. All hell promptly broke loose on right-wing Twitter. In the first editorial for their new site, co-founders Brad Polumbo and Hannah Cox define ‘based’ as ‘upfront, on point, or rooted in true principles.’ That fits pretty well with my understanding