Dr Jade Norris

Dr Jade Norris was a volunteer Special Constable for ten years and works as a Clinical Trial Senior Research Associate at Bristol University. She tweets @jadenozzz

The creeping authoritarianism of the Covid-19 restrictions

How can a country abide a government that consistently says one thing and then does the exact opposite? Whether it’s lockdown two, lockdown three, or masks in schools, the government has consistently stated one thing and then changed its mind months, weeks, or even hours later. This not only exacerbates the problem of trust in

Why I can no longer police the coronavirus restrictions

Earlier this month I resigned as a Special Constable, after serving for ten years as a volunteer officer in three different police forces. Policing has been an important part of my life for a long time, and I will miss serving my community and working with extremely dedicated, brave, and caring officers. But I have