James Cowan

Major general James Cowan is CEO of the Halo Trust. He commanded in the Iraqi provinces of Basra and Fallujah in 2004, returning in 2009 to fight in Helmand province.

Putin’s mines will plague Ukraine for years to come

A Ukrainian colleague told me a joke yesterday. ‘We used to believe the Russians had the second best army in the world. Now we know they have the second best army in Ukraine.’ Five weeks ago, most people would have bet that after a month of Russian aggression, Kyiv and Kharkiv would have fallen, and

Why were my colleagues murdered?

Two weeks ago, the charity I run suffered the greatest loss of life in its 33-year history. The Halo Trust was founded in Afghanistan in 1988 following the Soviet withdrawal. On witnessing the devastating impact of landmines and unexploded bombs on the population, two British soldiers set up an organisation to train young men of