Jamie Njoku-Goodwin

Jamie Njoku-Goodwin

Jamie Njoku-Goodwin is chief executive of UK Music, and a former special adviser at the Department for Health and Social Care

Do chess players make for better politicians?

11 min listen

Rishi Sunak is apparently looking to expand the teaching of chess in schools, and to install chess sets in public parks, and will unveil the policy alongside a giant chessboard in the No. 10 garden. What is the Prime Minister thinking? And what does it say about Sunak’s idea of education?  Cindy Yu speaks to

Podcast special: Britain in the global fight against Covid

39 min listen

The UK was the first country in the world to begin its formal vaccine rollout, starting with the 91 year old Margaret Keenan. In the years since, the pandemic has been almost entirely routed in this country (though its impact on the economy, on healthcare, on the criminal justice system, continue to be suffered). But

Jamie Njoku-Goodwin

Three key questions on the Pfizer Covid vaccine

News that the Pfizer vaccine is 90 per cent effective has sparked a number of questions about the prospect of a vaccine ending this pandemic. As a special adviser in the Department of Health and Social Care until recently, my job was not to be an expert in epidemiology or science. My job was to

How we can save our summer

The crisis facing hospitals is truly awful and cannot be understated. But while the short term situation is grim, it is important that we detach the immediate challenges from the post-vaccine outlook. They are radically different landscapes and must be addressed separately. Before enough people are vaccinated against Covid-19, we can’t pull any punches in

Why a spring return to normal might still be possible

The new mutant strain of Covid-19 is concerning and is likely to make the next few months particularly difficult. But here’s the good news: its emergence doesn’t necessarily mean that the government’s previous optimism about a spring return to normal is off the cards During this Covid-19 outbreak, a common mistake has been to adopt a binary outlook: things are either