Jesse Singal

Jessa Singal is a columnist for The Spectator's World edition. He writes the Singal-Minded Substack, and is the co-host of the Blocked and Report podcast, which is about 'dumb internet garbage'.

The crisis of Generation Z

The youth aren’t doing well – not in America, at least. Even before Covid, experts were ringing the alarm bells about a decade-or-so-long trend of American teens and tweens experiencing a steady uptick in anxiety, depression and self-harm symptoms. Late last year, US surgeon general Dr. Vivek Murthy published an official advisory attempting to raise

The problem with being anti-woke

I’m going to do something that will likely annoy you, dear reader: I am going to make an argument about a certain class of people without naming names. If I do name names, any response will devolve into a debate over whether I am unfairly tarring the individuals in question. That’s beside the point, because the