Jon Cruddas

Jon Cruddas’s conference diary: part 6

Well that it is for another year, on the train back to London. Brown is in a stronger position than when he started and the right of the party is split – i.e. a good conference. The moderate, pragmatic centre left around Compass are on the move. Today was ‘women’s day’. Didn’t start too well.

Jon Cruddas’s conference diary: part 5

Tuesday night/Wednesday morning GB’s speech nailed it. No game changer in terms of tax policy, though. The ‘Spectator/Compass middle class tax cut’ was not even announced. Very clever; we must be saving it for next week. The speech worked for GB—the conference response was significant; indeed profound. The space for the coup plotters has been

Jon Cruddas’s conference diary: part 4

Monday Night.  The guy did very well. David Miliband rose to the task at hand both in terms of the content but also the performance – as well as demonstration of unity with the PM! His was the most difficult speech of the week and the general consensus is he did very well. It also

Jon Cruddas’s conference diary: part 3

Monday lunchtime.  Forget Sarah Palin, Boo Weekley is the guy. As anticipated, Poulter won.  But no one else did. A bad golf night. Personally I saw very little- but my staff excelled themselves in their hole-by-hole commentary provided through the Blackberry. The highlight of a long night was a teenager taking a swing at me

Jon Cruddas’s conference diary: part 2

Sunday 4.30.  Conference is split into three groups. The first are still attending the main event in the Hall listening to contributions from, among others, the Home Secretary and Jim Purnell. The second are enjoying the early autumn sunshine on the steps and coffee houses circling the main hall. The final group are those nervously

Jon Cruddas’s conference diary | 21 September 2008

Day one of the Labour party conference was a surprisingly enjoyable, even comradely, experience. The fringe packed; the bars friendly and the Manchester Conference Centre working well. Great speeches, in a super venue, made to warm, receptive groups of delegates. The weather: perfect. On show, the Labour party at its best- a respectful, modern pluralist