Julia Lewis

Julia Lewis is a journalist from south London. Her beloved spaniel was mauled by two dogs in an unprovoked attack

The ban on XL Bully dogs still doesn’t go far enough

On Monday, a woman was mauled to death in London by her own two ‘exempted’ XL Bully dogs. By the time armed police and paramedics arrived at the shocking scene at her home in Hornchurch she was reportedly already dead. Her two sons had found her lying in the hallway and tried CPR but it was

The Birmingham attack shows why Bully XLs must be banned

Three people including an 11-year-old girl have been mauled by an American Bully XL dog in Birmingham. The video showing the attack, which took place on Saturday is horrific: the child is bitten as she lays helplessly on the ground. The dog then turns on two men who intervene, dragging one to the ground before

American bully XL dogs should be banned

The American bully XL is, despite its name and reputation, said to be good with children and a friendly dog. However, it can turn, with terrible consequences. A father of two young children was killed by a dog, believed to be an XL bully, in Leigh, Greater Manchester, last week. Jonathan Hogg, 37, had apparently

Dogs of war

When I was a child in the 1950s it was unheard of for someone to be killed by a dog. Dogs were rarely killed by other dogs. By the early 1990s, things were different. Dog-fighting made a comeback and the fad was for the ‘weapon’ dog, promoted via American gangsta rap. Staffordshire bull terriers were