Julia Stephenson

Spare us from the Menopausal Militants!

Another day and another celeb is moaning about her menopause. Earlier this week, TV presenter Andrea McLean suggested a campaign to highlight the misery of the ‘change of life’ by encouraging women to wear ‘M’ badges to alert the public. When she is in a railway carriage and wants to open the window because she

The world’s worst flirts

Why can’t British men show a natural, healthy appreciation of women? Last week, on the Paris Métro, I had a marvellous boost. I’d been feeling wretched after a flaming row with my boyfriend on the station platform, when a charming man winked at me and offered me his seat. I gratefully accepted. My eyes sparkled

Pet hate

When my mother died last year, her small 13-year-old sheltie, Nutty, came to live with us in our London flat. I knew it would be difficult to keep a dog in town, but it was a terrible shock to discover how anti-dog the city has become. While taking him out and about on my daily