Karen Glaser

Covid conspiracies and the new anti-Semitism

Britain’s Jewish community has been hit hard by Covid-19. Three more British Jews were laid to rest last week after dying from coronavirus, the highest number in a single week for several months. This brings the UK Jewish death toll from the disease to more than 500. It’s clear that our small community of 280,000 or so has suffered greatly during

Karen jokes aren’t funny any more

What’s in a name? Answer: if it’s Karen, quite a lot. Over the past week my moniker has come to denote a middle-aged, uneducated woman who is unaware of her white privilege and cares little about tackling racial inequality. So on behalf of other Karens, it’s time to say: the joke has gone too far.

The reason Jews are scared of a Corbyn government

‘What is it with Jews and Corbyn?’ the guy asked. ‘Why are you so against him being in Number 10?’ I tend to avoid conversations about Jews and Corbyn with Labour voters these days. What more is there to say about the party’s anti-Semitism? If people still can’t see it, I generally take the view