Kenny Tutt

Kenny Tutt was MasterChef 2018 Champion and is founder of PITCH, Bayside Social, Patty Guy and Ox Block

The best places to eat in Brighton

I moved down to Sussex over 25 years ago from South London. My family viewed living by the sea as a dream goal. I still remember the day when we packed up and cavalcaded down to Worthing, a charming seaside town in West Sussex. After the amazing experience of winning MasterChef, we opened our first restaurant Pitch

The homemade sauces that will transform your barbecue

Sauces are the unsung hero of any barbecue for me. We tend to focus on the big hitting items like the burgers, sausages, and steaks – and don’t get me wrong, these are an extremely important part of the barbecue experience – but what really brings a barbecue to the next level is what goes