Kim Thomas

Kim Thomas is a freelance journalist, specialising in health and medicine, and author of Broadmoor Women. She has a particular interest in women’s mental health

The troubling truth about ‘gender affirming’ mastectomies

When Sinead Watson had a double mastectomy in June 2017 at the age of 26, she was initially ‘quite euphoric.’ Although born female, she had been taking testosterone for two years and was using the name Sean. The mastectomy, or ‘top surgery’, was the last step on her transition. ‘I was so glad that I’d

I stand with Kate Scottow

Why are the police wasting time arresting Twitter transphobes when they could be tackling knife crime? That was the question asked by Boris Johnson in an article for the Daily Telegraph last February, in which he lambasted officers for arresting a mum for sending some rude tweets. A year on, Boris Johnson is Prime Minister.

The author John Boyne is wrong to pander to trans activists

You may not have heard of John Boyne, but you’ll almost certainly have come across his most famous book, The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas. A children’s novel about two boys meeting through the barbed wire of Auschwitz, the book was met with heavy criticism for its historical inaccuracies – none of which stopped it