La Jerezana

2654: 14-222

Eight unclued entries are of a kind. Their unchecked letters can be rearranged to spell out ‘A DISBELIEVING GAUL COULD ACT’. Across 1    Protecting bats utterly absorbs adult (8) 5    Kind of frightening when blowing top (6) 14    Guy ignoring both sides of family (3) 16    Endorse leaders of alternative fuel company (6) 17    Radium

2648: Thus at an end

Eight unclued lights are of a kind. Their unchecked and mutually checked letters can be rearranged to spell ‘LIKE IMPIOUS MYTHIC LOCH NESS MONSTER’. Ignore an acute accent and two hyphens.         Across    7    Tax cuts regularly have an effect (3) 11    TT race practice (3,3) 13    Lunatic on motorway initially infuriated by a

2402: Test pilots

Eight unclued entries are of a kind. A 9-letter word for their position must be highlighted in the grid.   Across 1    Am being harassed by society celebs (8, two words) 5    Idiots half-heartedly following British and Russian decrees (6) 9    Surer 4, strangely unsure (10) 14    Fitting carpet, ignoring odd bits (3) 16    Nobody

2627: Chronicled lives

Eight unclued lights are of a kind. Their unchecked and mutually checked letters can be rearranged to spell TOY OF A PARISH DEACON. Across 1    Tramp with extremely dirty pet (5) 10    Believe cad misguided and open to being misled (10) 12    UK dramatist wreathing US city in bunting (7) 14    Flagged cab at last

2612: Grounded

The eight unclued lights are, or were, of a kind.         Across    1    Daily column about introduction of alternative fuel (8)    5    Cold, and damned unpleasant (6)    9    Tumbledown hut in barbarous realm (10) 16    Drink is finally within reach (6) 17    Joins female on Med, perhaps (5) 18    Unclothed Yanks fled joint

2605: Way to go!

Eight unclued lights can be followed by the same word. Their unchecked letters can be arranged to spell out ‘QUALIFY A REVUE’. Across 1    President cut short time in bathroom facility (5) 4    Order pie and mash with south-eastern accent (9) 10    Tired rut at sports ground (10) 11    Manual exercises for old girl (6)

2594: Dotty + Nosey

Eight unclued lights spell out the second half of a poem: ‘8 (4,5) 37; 1D (6,4); 39 (3,6) 40; 10 (3,5,2) 24 25.’ The title cryptically suggests its author.         Across    1    Gossipy quartet of bridge players play at last (5)    4    Accompanying Ford, Maggie’s oddly withdrawn (9) 11    Duty of French king

2582: Chief whip

3 28 40 1D 8 37. Two other unclued entries were involved. Ignore accents.         Across    1    Austrian novice without much flesh (8)    5    Gift of story books (6)    9    Man of uncertainty begins here, uncertainly (10) 14    Jenny perhaps was and is uninitiated (3) 16    Unruffled, drive GTi out of African

2564: Sea monster

Five unclued lights are descriptions of another (four words), from another, by another (two words). Elsewhere, ignore one accent.   Across 10 Player and wrestler oddly changing places (4) 12 May take home case of oriental hemp product (10) 14 Regularly fooled veteran (3) 15 Prince’s press officer holding drink (8) 17 Mounts horse with

2534: Off-pitch

Eight unclued lights (four of two words) are of a kind.   Across 1 False prophet faces interjection, perhaps (12, three words) 10 Old soldier heartily opposes Prohibition (4) 12 Women perorate furiously about Welsh sustainable energy source (10, two words) 14 Spell first half of ‘exhume’ wrong (3) 15 Person rebuking extremely restive demonstrator

2423: Redheads

Eight unclued lights are of a kind.    Across 1    Place to take off sari, pants and slip (8) 8    Theatre oddly chucked out piano and mouth organ (4) 13    Barman mixing vodka and rum without hesitation (6) 14    Facade metaphorically protecting the scholarly world (7) 15    Stand our ground round buildings (8) 19    Exercise,

2414: Matchplay

Seven unclued entries had the same relationship to an eighth (appearing as the two other unclued lights).   Across 1    Tease females after tea (5) 9    Misrepresentation of man in notes from St Paul? (10) 11    Celebrated beginnings of little individuals, in a way (5, hyphened) 12    Plonkers heading off abroad for a breather (7)

2393: Monster Mash-up

1D (two words) 15 10 26 né 21 died on 2 February. Most famous for 7A 37 and 14, he was also in 1A (two words)’s 24.   Doc writes: This year some new compilers are joining the team. Today we welcome La Jerezana. We hope that solvers will enjoy the challenges which our new