Lesley Riddoch

Lesley Riddoch is a journalist, broadcaster and columnist for the Scotsman and The National. She is the author of Blossom: What Scotland Needs to Flourish.

How London will help Scotland get independence

The Scottish election may be a done deal but the move towards indyref2 is the next big thing. And on that rocky road Scots independence supporters may have some unusual allies: English public opinion and much of the London-based press. Curiously enough, these forces may be ready to apply powerful pressure on a beleaguered Boris

Scotland cannot be held in the Union against its will

Adam Tomkins’ suggestion that the UK should morph from a consent-based union of equals into a constitutional forced marriage contains all the classic elements of modern Unionist thought. Guaranteed to infuriate Yessers by suggesting a treaty between two independent states can be retrospectively replaced by a Hotel California-style unquittable union — check. Guaranteed to cement