Mairia Cahill

Mairia Cahill is from west Belfast. She is a former Irish senator and a freelance writer for the Sunday Independent. She waived her lifetime right to anonymity as a rape victim on the BBCNI Spotlight programme 'A Woman Alone with the IRA'.

What crisis?

41 min listen

On this week’s podcast: For the cover of the magazine Kate Andrews assesses the politics of panic, and the fallout of last week’s so-called fiscal event. She is joined by Robert Colvile, director of the Centre for Policy Studies think tank to discuss where the Conservatives go from here (00:57). Also this week: Does the

Rishi’s nightmare: Will inflation crush the recovery?

41 min listen

Could a blip in inflation ruin the UK’s economic recovery? (00:50) Why is support for the IRA becoming normalised? (12:20) What makes a great diarist? (31:15) With The Spectator’s economics correspondent Kate Andrews; economist Julian Jessop; writer Jenny McCartney; politician Mairia Cahill; satirist Craig Brown; and historian, journalist and author Simon Heffer. Presented by Cindy