Marcel Plichta

Marcel Plichta is a PhD Candidate in International Relations at the University of St Andrews and a former analyst for the U.S. Department of Defense.

The problem with Britain’s cheap military lasers

Unveiling fancy new technology is one of the strategies the government can use to show Brits that they take defence seriously. In recent months, UK officials have made a big deal of Dragonfire, the UK’s new laser system that promises to blast a drone out of the sky for the same price as a takeaway. Defence Secretary

How Ukraine’s drone attacks can hit Russia where it hurts

On the morning of 16 March, Ukrainian drones struck multiple refineries in the Samara region of Russia, For more than a week, Ukrainian drones have targeted Russian oil infrastructure, particularly refineries. If the attacks become regular and continue indefinitely, they will impose significant costs on the Russian economy and military.  Ukraine is presenting Russia with the same

Is providing air defence equipment enough to help Ukraine?

During his first visit to Kyiv last Saturday, Rishi Sunak pledged a new tranche of British military aid to Ukraine. Unlike previous UK support, this new package was entirely focused on air defence: £50 million for anti-aircraft guns (almost certainly purchased via a third party as the UK military does not currently use them), radars,