Martin Howe Qc

Martin Howe is a leading barrister in the fields of intellectual property and EU law, and a Fellow at the Centre for Brexit Policy

Why Boris should reject this Brexit deal

Boris Johnson says the EU has refused to negotiate seriously with the UK for the last few months, and time has now run out for reaching a trade agreement before 31 December when the current transition period ends. The PM has been pressing the EU for a free-trade agreement comparable to Canada’s deal with the

Brexit deal: Martin Howe QC responds to No. 10’s ‘rebuttal’

10 Downing Street has published a ‘rebuttal’ to my article in this week’s Spectator looking at the legal implications of the Withdrawal Agreement. Regrettably, its responses to my critique go beyond making a best case for the treaty. Instead, No. 10 seeks to take advantage of the legal complexities to misrepresent the legal effects of