Michael Bryant

Professor Michael Bryant is the author of A World History of War Crimes: From Antiquity to the Present.

Is Israel’s siege of Gaza illegal?

In retaliation to over a thousand Israeli dead, the country’s defence minister, Yoav Gallant, has vowed to besiege Gaza. In a statement earlier this week, he said: ‘We are putting a complete siege on Gaza… No electricity, no food, no water, no gas – it’s all closed.’ Israel has been as good as its word, even stopping

Katy Balls, Michael Bryant and Michael Simmons

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On this week’s episode, we’ll hear from Katy Balls on the changing face of No.10. (00:49) Next, Michael Bryant on the history of War Crimes. (06:16) And finally, Michael Simmons on Nicola Sturgeon’s secret state. (11:08) Produced and presented by Sam Holmes Subscribe to The Spectator today and get a £20 Amazon gift voucher.

The politics of war crimes

42 min listen

In this week’s episode: Is Putin guilty of war crimes? For this week’s cover piece, The Spectator’s Editor Fraser Nelson looks at the risks and rewards of labelling Vladimir Putin and Russian soldiers war criminals. He joins the podcast, followed by Michael Bryant, the author of A World History of War Crimes, who writes in

The law of war: conflict has always had its limits

The waging of war has never been a pure free-for-all. Every culture has had a sense of limits: when war could be legitimately declared and how it would be legitimately waged. For ancient civilisations, war was a means of preserving the cosmic order. The ancient Egyptians believed their wars had to be sanctioned by the