Mr Magoo

2267: Double-edged swords

One of the unclued entries (two words) defines the others (two of which are hyphened), which are all real words. Collins, not Chambers, confirms 23D. Ignore one accent in the unclued entries and another elsewhere.   Across 1    Clergymen demolishing a church helping its loss of status (14) 9    See missing competitor getting ready for

To 2264: The A-Team

‘Harry the King, BEDFORD (19) and EXETER (18), WARWICK (1D) and TALBOT (25), SALISBURY (4A) and GLOSTER (12)’ (Henry V, act 4, sc.3) are named in Henry V’s speech at AGINCOURT (26/34). HARRY THE KING (diagonally from the third row) was to be shaded.   First prize M. O’Hanlon, North Berwick Runners-up Philip Hawkins, Wirksworth,

To 2245: Fair and square

Corrections of misprints give A GRECIAN URN. The POET (23) reporting its message (perimeter + 4 30) is KEATS (42). First prize M. Threasher, Winscombe, Somerset Runners-up Philip Dacre, York; Frances Whitehead, Harrogate, N. Yorks

2248: In the stars

In the clues, the 9 stars represent omitted words (one of which is a dialect variant of another). Those 9 words, along with 12 others which form a set, must be used to complete the 11 unclued entries, which include four two-word phrases and four hyphened words, and are all in Chambers.   Across  

To 2220: Poem II

The Poem was ‘Kubla Khan’ by Samuel Taylor Coleridge. 3A, 23, 42, 43, 3D, 4, 10 and 16 are words from the poem. KUBLA KHAN appears in the twelfth row. COLE (1A) and RIDGE (24) were to be shaded. First prize James Long, Richmond, Surrey Runners-up John Fahy, Thaxted, Essex; John Honey, London W13

2223: Clerihew

29 6 (4 words) is 1 24 (3 words). 24 11 10 (4 words), but 6 11 36 (4 words).   Across   3    Secret compartments disguised in most of tables (12, two words) 12    Card game with same elements as brag (4) 14    Prohibit female and male from looking on the dark side (6)

To 2204: Security

Five perimeter entries, and 29 and 30, are types of BODYGUARD. First prize Amanda Spielman, London SW4 Runners-up Dr S.M. Sheerin, Princes Risborough, Bucks; Vincent Clark, Frant, East Sussex

2207: An unusual angle

In six answers the wordplay ignores an item. These items (two of them identical) are not listed as specific 27 of 22 in Chambers, unlike the other unclued entries.   Across   1    Extra thin pins cleaned up with this? (5) 6    One that’ll teach you a measure of warmth (8) 12   

To 2196: Diverse

The quotation around the perimeter is from 25 — varieties of French cheese are highlighted.   First prize Hugh Aplin, London SW19 Runners-up Alexia Dobbs, London SW1; Trevor Evans, Drulingen, France

2199: TV Comedy

Fourteen solutions begin with the same letter as their clues. These letters in order are the initial letters of the twelve words of a 2014 quotation and the two initials of its author. The unclued lights reveal this quotation in full and the author’s name.   Across   1    This reflex conceals what ends up

To 2188: Pieces of eight

The eight unclued lights are anagrams of eight clued solutions: 2/12, 3/13, 8/35, 16/40, 18/28, 19/30, 24/27 and 26/38. First prize Eileen Robinson, Sheffield Runners-up John Bartlett, Shirley, Solihull; M. Taylor, Eskbank, Midlothian

2191: Bunk

The other unclued entries, in pairs around 3D, provide the key words in a definition of 11D.   Across   1    Nouns hidden in secret and manuscript sentences (8) 10    Sea beast who I’ll tape somehow (10, two words) 13    Goat starts to gnaw at one fish (8) 16    ‘Nameless’ ‘noodle’ could be ‘oodle’? (5)

to 2168: History exam

Initial letters of superfluous words in clues give nightingale, quail and cuckoo, specimens of AVIFAUNA (5) represented by FLUTE (43), OBOE (40) and TWO CLARINETS (27 18) in the SIXTH SYMPHONY (13 26D) of BEETHOVEN (14).  The symphony is known as the PASTORAL (1D/41, suggested by the puzzle’s title).   First prize Hugh Thomas, Ixworth,

2171: 31 Across

Seven identical two-by-two squares in the completed grid must be highlighted to depict the unclued entries, each of two words.   Across   1    Eyesores left out of designs (5) 11    Beards or bristles I rate as ugly (7) 17    Was host dropping soprano, with tenor being groomed? (7) 18    Rust

to 2144: Leonids

The work was ‘THE TAMING OF THE (1D) Shrew’. ‘Shrew’ is suggested by 15, 27 and 33. The ‘Shrew’ of the title is KATHARINA (38), addressed as ‘KATE OF KATE-HALL’ (9) (in ODQ) by Petruchio (disguised as EUTROPHIC (20)), whose servant is Curtis (CITRUS (3)). Title: ‘tamed’ SONDELI (the Indian musk shrew).   First prize

2147: Amazing performance

Each of the 22 across solutions, in clue order, contributes one unchecked letter to a two-word phrase (13,9) in Chambers 2011. This dictionary entry will enable solvers to highlight a potential victim (9,7) by (again) choosing some of the unchecked letters from fifteen across entries in the order they appear in the grid. The nine

Cold Comfort | 12 December 2013

Five Christmas carols (5, 6, 5, 3 and 4 words respectively) have been re-arranged, and re-titled at 23/38 (4 words), 59/54/62D/5 (4 words), 87/12/74 (4 words), 20 (5 words) and 72/46A (3 words). A sixth carol (19 letters, 4 words) has been concealed in the grid under a new title (4 words), which must be

2136: Howdunit

Six of the unclued entries (one of three words, three of two words and one hyphened; all in Chambers apart from one name; unchecked letters can spell ACTOR OR WOMEN ETC ARE CHIEF SUSPECT) share a connection which will allow the other two to be deduced.   Across   9 Apparently overdrawn, and without a

To 2133: FM

Initial letters of superfluous words in clues give titles of ALBUMS (29D) by FLEETWOOD MAC (39).  8A, 25, 33 and 34 are RUMOURS; 12 defines TUSK, and 1A defines MIRAGE; and TANGO IN THE NIGHT indicates 16 /17.   First prize M. Day, London N6 Runners-up Paul Davies, Reading, Berks; Hilda Ball, Belfast

2121: Take care

The unclued lights, two of two words, are of a kind. Elsewhere, ignore an apostrophe.   Across 1 We hear eldest son refrains from claiming media for media (8) 6 Insectivore collected nectar (6) 11 Mostly, robbery’s extremely unusual in the whole passage (10) 13 Came across investment vehicle with nothing in (5) 14 Books