Mr Magoo

2650: Detention for history

One of the unclued entries is responsible for a quotation that makes up the others (two of three words, one of two words). Across 1    Precious metals Cook nearly left (1,6) 6    Netball players in mid-court for three quarters? (7) 12    Another one bites the dust, recipe being trapped wind (7) 14    Biting an animal’s

2641: Mastermind

Two of the unclued entries combine to form a name (three words) responsible for the other unclued entries (one of three words, two of two words, and two of which combine to form a two-word name). Across 11    Custom I outlaw, hiding books for islander (7) 12    They must cool down the crowd (4) 14   

2635: Brilliant

The unclued entries (three of two words, two of three words, one of one word) each complete a phrase starting with the same first word. Across 11    Move left to right in washing plants (9) 12    Bird of prey? (5) 14    Mischief-maker’s restrained in hearing (4) 15    Worry Camilla on a regular basis (3) 18   

2633: Highly critical

The unclued entries (two of one word, two of two words, two of three words) combine to form a quotation. Elsewhere, ignore two accents.         Across    1    Promotions to fix in commercial vehicles (12) 10    Eager pupil’s plea for online phenomenon (4) 12    Cockney dish rose, having turned end (3,1,4,2) 14    Remark further problem

2621: Faux

You can calculate 48 by 1 + 47 (ten words in total). However, 21 32 12 23 47 (nine words in total). The remaining unclued lights are the two authors who said so.         Across 14    Not so sure judge needs latitude to be good (6) 17    Sacred halls rebuilt in poor area (7) 18   

2609: Hard work

One unclued light (2 words) labels the others (two of 3 words and one of 5 words, each spread across two entries).         Across 10    If I could cut down showing contempt for Shakespeare … (4) 14    Dispute what stroke does? (3) 15    We should explain coda? (8) 17    They don’t fly about when filled

2600: Pulling power

The unclued entries share a definition. Elsewhere, ignore an accent. Across 1    Chap primarily revered among classic characters (5)12    Barrow dropping us with United in gallery to cause a commotion (10)13    Put a stop to women leaving a vessel I cast off (9)14    Fine for Cantona? (4)15    Deli stir fluid to make liquid again (8)17    Said

2599: Slow to change

Six unclued entries (4, 1, 2, 2, 2 and 3 words) give a proverb (verifiable in ODQ), and the remaining unclued entries (one of two words) give examples of a noun therein. Across 1    Spelt ‘sorry’ with an E in (5)4    Triangular prism arranged by bouncers I rejected (5,4)11    I party, and not outside –

2588: Necessary evils

All the unclued lights can be followed by the same word. Elsewhere, ignore three accents. Across 12    Positive Belgian forward cutting in has chances (10)13    Nabs informer admitting pressure (6)18    Memorial to fish-keeper ignores a question about Frank? (9)19    Flap about a kid whose name maybe on TV? (9)20    This monster turns 22, nearly (4)21   

2579: Destructive plot

One unclued entry (three words) gives the theme, and five others give two-word names directly connected with it. Remaining unclued entries give two examples of the theme phrase, one of two words and one of three. Across 1 US underdogs willingly bring moggies under control? (4,4) 7 I’m sorry, love, to get info about daughter

2570: Short story

The unclued entries comprise two authors and a work of fiction, attributed by one author to the other. Each author occupies two unclued entries. Four of the unclued entries are two words each.   Across 1 Tea service that needs to be done again for villa (6) 7 Remote republic gets peace from Spain back

2556: Recent origins

The unclued entries have something in common, and are the most recent of their type. One umlaut should be ignored in these entries, and elsewhere an accent.   Across 1 Perhaps not swinging is sordid (5) 4 I might get candy floss. Like some chocolate? (9, two words) 10 State with importance line interrupts fluency

2537: My Lord!

A 21-word exchange appears (apart from two words) in nine unclued entries. The other unclued entry specifies one of the participants. In ten clues the wordplay ignores one letter. These letters, in grid order, spell out the source of the exchange and of the original inspiration. Ignore three apostrophes in the completed puzzle.   Across

2528: Not to Lose

Unclued entries are words (one hyphened) or phrases (three of four words each, one of three words, two each of two words), sharing a common direction. Elsewhere, ignore one accent.   Across 1 One rep loses a Hebridean (8) 6 Tribute in silver blocks (6) 11 Mediterranean islander getting mercy from another (5) 13 Fairly

Solution to 2513: Golden anniversary

The announcement reads: ‘Fifty years ago, on July the third, Jac’s first crossword in this series was published.’ The shaded squares (from top to bottom) can be arranged to reveal SMURF, SARAH (Hayes, aka La Jerezana) MR MAGOO, MASS, COLUMBA, DOC, PABULUM, MARK (Kelmanson, aka CheeseCracker), ASCOT, RICHARD (Browne, aka Fieldfare) and JAMES (Brydon, aka

2516: Such childish vocabulary

The nouns from the first sentence of a book (in the ODQ) appear as unclued lights — apart from two. One of these two is revealed by extracting one or two letters at a time from six normal solutions, leaving real words as entries. The other appears diagonally in the grid and must be highlighted.

2501: Delightful

7 Down has wordplay to only half its grid entry. The undefined part is the first word of a 9-word description, in ODQ. Ignore all hyphens. The unclued lights can be arranged to form the full description.   Across 1 Good over – nearly more than one, in truth (6) 7 Strain to keep daughter

2477: Rendezvous

The unclued entries, all across, are unconnected words from Chambers. Each requires a letter added to render them thematic, and these letters, in order, give a hypothetical venue where they could all then meet. Across 8 Give a hand to a grand opera (4)11 Where Raleigh studied El Greco, and Ollie messed about (12, two

2459: 22 Down

Six unclued entries (three of three words, and one of two words) can be combined to make a quotation (in ODQ), and the remainder combine to reveal its author. Across 11 Fashionable mission deemed impossible ultimately (7)13 Far-reaching lake beside farmhouse (9, hyphened)14 Unhealthy-looking meat snack (5)21 Keen to get drunk in bender (4)23 Sailor

2450: Titled Men

The unclued lights consist of one author, two titles and four characters; ignore one accent. The titles (three words and five words) are pairs. Across 6 50% caught in large-scale disease outbreak (8)12 Get everyone out of Aleppo, due to lunatic taking over (10)13 Rolls makes an impression (9)14 Killer gets into motor car (4)15