Natasha Feroze

Natasha Feroze is The Spectator's broadcast and virtual events producer.

What Sunak really said about lockdown

14 min listen

It was Rishi Sunak’s turn at the Covid Inquiry today. The Prime Minister faced questions on Eat Out to Help Out, his relationship with No.10, tiers and PPE procurement. How did the former Chancellor come across? And how has his tone changed because he is now Prime Minister? Natasha Feroze speaks to Fraser Nelson and

Has No.10 lost its marbles?

12 min listen

An extraordinary row has broken out between the British and Greek governments over the future of the Parthenon Marbles. Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis was due to meet Rishi Sunak in London today, but No. 10 cancelled the meeting at the last minute over comments that Mitsotakis made on the Laura Kuenssberg show. Is this whole

Should Sunak reduce immigration?

23 min listen

Figures out this week put net migration at 672,000 in the year to June 2023. Should the government cut the number of work visas, to immediately reduce this figure, or should it accept that high levels of immigration are needed to sustain the economy? Natasha Feroze speaks to Fraser Nelson and Kate Andrews.

Is Suella Braverman safe for now?

12 min listen

Despite mounting pressure from Conservative MPs to remove Suella Braverman, no announcement has been made yet. How much pressure is Rishi Sunak facing over the Home Secretary’s stand-off with the Met Police? Also on the podcast, Natasha Feroze speaks to James Heale and Isabel Harman about the Conservative Home Cabinet league table ahead of a

Has the Bank of England done enough to stave off recession?

14 min listen

The Bank of England has once again taken the decision to hold interest rates at their 15-year high. There is growing market consensus that this second pause is a sign that interest rates have peaked, or nearly reached their peak. Will the Bank be able to tread the thin line between tackling inflation but also

Labour’s foreign policy problem

14 min listen

Natasha Feroze speaks to Stephen Bush and Katy Balls about some of the geopolitical problems that lie ahead for Labour. Will David Lammy have to roll back on his views on Trump? Will Keir Starmer appeal to his muslim voter base whilst taking the standard Biden line on Israel/ Palestine? What about the Indian general

One year on: does Sunak have anything to celebrate?

12 min listen

This week marks one year since Rishi Sunak entered No.10. Faced with the weekend’s double by-election defeat, Labour’s lead in the polls and another by-election coming soon, what can Rishi Sunak still do to turn things around? Natasha Feroze speaks to Katy Balls and James Heale.

Public sector pay pushes wage growth to record high

14 min listen

Natasha Feroze speaks to Fraser Nelson and Isabel Hardman about today’s wage growth figures which have reached a 22-year high due to public sector pay. Are these an accurate reflection of the economy? Also on the podcast, Isabel Hardman takes a look at NHS week – each day the government has announced new measures to

What is the point of Lee Anderson?

14 min listen

Katy Balls and editor of Conservative Home Paul Goodman join Natasha Feroze to discuss the troublemaker, Lee Anderson. This week his inflammatory comments on small boats dominated the news – is this good or bad for the Conservatives? And what role does Rishi Sunak have in mind for the former miner and deputy Chairman of

Should Team Truss accept resignation honours?

12 min listen

Bibby Stockholm, the government’s first migrant barge opened this morning. Intended to house up to 500 migrants, will this plan to cut the costs of putting migrants up in hotels work? Also on the podcast, Natasha Feroze speaks to Isabel Hardman and Katy Balls about the Liz Truss honours list – who are the contenders?

What’s behind the Tory selections?

17 min listen

As the Conservative candidate selections are underway, how will the associations balance the need for a local champion to win back constituency support vs Tory stars, such as Nick Timothy, getting selected? Paul Goodman from Conservative Home and Katy Balls speak to Natasha Feroze. 

Should the Tories abandon green politics?

12 min listen

Since the Tories retained Uxbridge in the by-election a fortnight ago by campaigning against Ulez, some Conservative MPs have been questioning whether the party should ditch their climate commitments. Was Uxbridge a one-off? What do British people want? Natasha Feroze speaks to Katy Balls and Scarlett Maguire, director at polling firm JL Partners.

Sadiq’s Ulez expansion gets the green light

9 min listen

The High Court has ruled that Sadiq Khan can expand the Ultra Low Emission Zone, after five Tory councils challenged the proposed policy. Will Keir Starmer be happy that a Labour mayor has won the day? Natasha Feroze speaks to Katy Balls and Kate Andrews.

NatWest boss Alison Rose resigns. Why now?

12 min listen

Natasha Feroze speaks to Kate Andrews and Fraser Nelson about the sudden decision for the NatWest boss Alison Rose to hand in her resignation. Prompted by the Nigel Farage Coutts bank account scandal, the bank’s CEO faced mounting pressure to resign after late last night No.10 said they had serious concerns over the bank’s actions.

Could Britain turn into a stagflation nation?

10 min listen

Natasha Feroze speaks to Kate Andrews and Katy Balls about today’s inflation figures, stuck at 8.7 per cent despite predictions it would fall. As a flagship policy of Rishi Sunak’s to half inflation, what options does the Prime Minister have?

Why did Labour U-turn on its green investment pledge?

14 min listen

Natasha Feroze speaks to Katy Balls and former Labour advisor John McTernan about Labour’s announcement that they are watering down their green investment pledge. Is Labour in trouble over this U-turn? And could this be seen as a change in strategy for the party? Produced by Natasha Feroze.

When will Pestminster end?

11 min listen

Natasha Feroze speaks to Isabel Hardman and James Heale about Geraint Davies, a Labour MP who has been suspended from the party amid allegations of sexual harassment. Another Pestminster scandal to add to the list, how many more could be out there? Also on the podcast, as Rishi Sunak meets European leaders in Moldova to

Should Rishi Sunak ban vapes?

Natasha Feroze is joined by James Heale and Fraser Nelson to discuss the Covid inquiry’s requested release of Boris Johnson’s unredacted Whatsapp messages and diary entries. Meanwhile, Rishi Sunak has spent the day in Kent looking at ways to clamp down unsafe vaping. But he won’t go as far as other countries who intend to