Natasha Voase

Natasha Voase is a finance reporter at React News. Before going into journalism, she worked as an investment banker at Rothschild

The revenge of the blue collar workers

Last year was the year the scales tipped in the global job market. Layoffs in consulting and investment banking that started in early 2023 have continued to mount, and yet the wider jobs market has remained relatively resilient. Demand for engineers and healthcare professionals is reportedly increasing. Blue collar workers in industries such as mining,

Paris doesn’t want the 2024 Olympics

As hundreds of boats float elegantly down the Seine at the opening ceremony of the Paris Olympics this summer, one well-known and loved landmark will be absent. The bouquinistes, antique booksellers who have lined the banks for centuries, will have decamped for the duration of the games. For many Parisians who face the prospect of

The decline and fall of banking’s barrow boys

Before the ‘Big Bang’, which led to the deregulation of financial markets in London in the 1980s, the city was dominated by two types of person: the often Oxbridge-educated spreadsheet warriors who ran merchant banks; and the ‘barrow boys’, students of the school of life who worked as traders. While the former are still thriving

Where did all the boomer bankers go?

There aren’t many Alex types in banking anymore. The popular middle-aged cartoon banker, greyer and greyer since the 1980s, is regularly depicted in the Daily Telegraph gazing sagely over the heads of panicked young traders, safe in the knowledge he’s seen it all before. Older traders like him are few and far between now. Instead, Britain’s banks and investment