Philip Pilkington

Philip Pilkington is a macroeconomist and investment analyst. He is the author of The Reformation in Economics.

Britain could come to regret moving away from China

China’s relationship with America is getting worse and worse. The Chinese Foreign Minister, Qin Gang, warned yesterday that ‘containment and suppression will not make America great. It will not stop the rejuvenation of China’. The Biden administration, meanwhile, recently accused China of readying to send weapons to Russia, and Americans are still fuming about the Chinese balloon

Why Britain will lose from America’s trade wars

Davos this year marked the start of a great economic divorce of the United States and Europe. Katherine Tai, the US trade chief, said that globalised capitalism is not working anymore. It leaves workers behind and gives fuel to populists, she said. Really, the Biden administration wants reassert US dominance in the world, and is using

Politicians can’t fix our economic woes

The knives are out for the Prime Minister. The world watches as Britain falls into a simultaneous political and economic crisis. Yet commentators in Britain appear to think that this is resolvable. They think that bad politics gave us a bad Budget which has led to economic destabilisation. Clean out the bad politicians, reverse the

Europe’s descent into deindustrialisation

The rapid economic collapse that Britain is facing is simply an accelerated version of what the whole of Europe is about to go through; unsustainable borrowing to fund the gap between high energy prices and what households can actually afford. With the sabotage of the Nord Stream pipeline, there is now no feasible way back.