Polly Mackenzie

Are the Lib Dems too soggy?

17 min listen

In this week’s Spectator, Matthew Parris asks why the Lib Dems have lost their ideological backbone. On the podcast, he discusses this ‘soggification’ of the party with Katy Balls and Polly Mackenzie, former special adviser to Nick Clegg and now chief executive of the think tank Demos.

Oil wars: is this the real threat to the world economy?

36 min listen

This week kicked off with an incredible fall in oil prices globally, so what on earth happened (00:50)? We also talk about the Budget, where Rishi Sunak set out in more detail how the government’s ‘levelling up’ agenda will look (10:20). Finally, should we be doing more science research for curiosity’s sake (23:05)?

Can money buy happiness? The internet trolls think so

Aaron Lennon. Prince Harry. Jayne-Anne Gadhia, chief executive of Virgin Money. Each of these high profile people’s mental health has been in the spotlight in recent weeks and, thankfully, most of the public response has been sympathetic. But each has also faced a dark undercurrent of criticism that they’re not entitled to struggle with their