Portia Berry-Kilby

Portia Berry-Kilby previously worked as an attaché at the Holy See's Mission to the UN in New York. She now lives in Suffolk

The Youth Parliament makes children of us all

When the British Youth Council (BYC) announced last week its imminent closure, people went near-hysterical, declaring it ‘devastating’ news and a ‘dark day’ for Britain’s youth. Of particular concern was the future of the Youth Parliament, one of the BYC’s flagship programmes. In all likelihood, the Youth Parliament will see new leadership rather than the

Halsey and the cultural appropriation of Catholicism

I can’t say I have a terribly favourable view of the modern music industry. But when I heard that pop artist Halsey’s latest album If I Can’t Have Love, I want Power had an album cover inspired by Jean Fouquet’s Virgin And Child Surrounded By Angels, taken from the right wing of the Melun Diptych,

The rise of vaccine virtue-signalling

I’ve bemoaned the ‘no Tories please’ line on dating profiles many a time. Closed-minded and over-used, it’s a banal way for university freshers to virtue signal their wokeness. It’s a phase many go through, and, more’s the pity, do not all grow out of. But as of late, a new, equally lacklustre profile-essential has emerged