Richard Walton

How police can take back control of Britain’s streets

Boris Johnson’s pledge to fund an extra 20,000 police officers was a serious sign of intent, a game-changing moment for policing and a huge boost for law and order on Britain’s streets. But how can these new officers quickly reverse the spike in knife and violent crime that has plagued Britain? There are six pressing

How the police should deal with far-right terrorism

As New Zealand comes to terms with the most deadly terrorist attack ever carried out on its soil, leaders from around the world will be asking their security advisors whether this marks the start of an escalation of right-wing threats and whether their current strategies for defeating this form of extremism are fit for purpose.

Sajid Javid made the right call on the Isis ‘Beatles’

The High Court yesterday rejected a challenge over the Government’s decision to share evidence with the US about two alleged members of the Isis Beatles, El Shafee Elsheikh and Alexanda Kotey. Crucially, ministers had provided this evidence without seeking assurances that the pair will not face the death penalty. The judgement by the Lord Chief Justice in