Robert Ford

Robert Ford is Professor of Political Science at the University of Manchester and Senior Fellow at the UK in a Changing Europe. He is the author of several books on elections and British politics including Brexitland and The British General Election of 2019.

Why Nigel Farage is becoming Ed Davey’s secret weapon

Ed Davey will be very happy about Nigel Farage’s political comeback. This might seem odd – Davey leads a socially liberal and vocally pro-EU party beloved by the latte sipping metropolitan professionals who loom large in Reform UK demonology. Yet it is the Liberal Democrats who stand to gain most from a Farage surge. A

Nigel Farage is turning the screws on the Tories

He’s back. After months of teasing and indecision, Nigel Farage launched himself fully into the fray of yet another election campaign on Monday, standing as the Reform UK candidate in UKIP friendly Clacton, and taking over from Richard Tice as leader of the party. The electrifying effect of this announcement might seem a bit odd,