Roger Mosey

Roger Mosey was BBC director of London 2012.

The BBC’s mad obsession with Philip Schofield

‘Why are you broadcasting what you’re broadcasting? There’s bigger things to worry about.’ In that respect at least, ‘Mizzy’ – the 18 year-old TikTok prankster Bacari-Bronze O’Garro – was doubtless speaking for much of Newsnight’s audience. He had been invited onto the flagship current affairs programme to discuss the BBC’s exclusive interview with the social

What’s wrong with the BBC? 

Being a senior BBC executive has never been a guaranteed route to national affection, but the past few weeks have been particularly bruising for director-general Tim Davie and his leadership team. The Gary Lineker affair didn’t please anyone – the presenter’s supporters railed against what they saw as a politically inspired move against him, while

The BBC shouldn’t dumb down for poorer audiences

The BBC is an organisation that in my experience is, generally, benevolent; and the broadcasting regulator Ofcom is full of good intentions too. But this week they have between them managed to concoct a policy that could weaken the corporation and increase dissatisfaction among its audiences. In its annual report on the BBC, Ofcom swooped

In defence of the BBC’s Olympic coverage

For viewers of the BBC Olympics coverage, it’s back to the old days. Not since Sydney in 2000 has all the Games content been squeezed into the main terrestrial channels, with the red button and its one extra stream making its debut in Athens 2004. ‘The Olympics are perfect for interactive television,’ said a BBC executive

Diary – 25 February 2012

When I took the job as director of the BBC’s coverage of London 2012, my cousin asked if anything about the job kept me awake at night. The truth is nothing — so far. I can see that Britain’s television screens going black at the start of the 100 metres final would be bad, since