Sam Lowe

Sam Lowe is a trade policy expert and senior research fellow at the Centre for European Reform.

Does Boris have a point on the Protocol?

17 min listen

Boris Johnson delivered his first speech since leaving No.10 and told the audience he would not be able to back Rishi Sunak’s Brexit deal. Although the Windsor Framework has largely received a lukewarm reception, does Boris have a point? Also on the podcast, Sue Gray has just resigned from the civil service to become Keir

Northern Ireland Protocol: is this a ‘breakthrough’ deal?

14 min listen

Today Rishi Sunak has reached a revised agreement with the EU on Northern Ireland, and hailed it a ‘turning point’ for the people of Northern Ireland. But how will the DUP and – more importantly – Tory MPs, react?  Isabel Hardman speaks to Katy Balls and Sam Lowe. Produced by Oscar Edmondson. 

Boris’s climate conundrum

13 min listen

While coronavirus has dominated the last year in politics, domestic issues are creeping back onto the agenda. Near the top of the list is reaching Net Zero by 2050 – not least because climate-conscious Joe Biden is now in the White House. Can Britain hit its target? Katy Balls speaks to James Forsyth and Sam