Samuel Coates

Samuel Coates is a RUSI Senior Associate Fellow and former government special adviser.

Boris is right to scrap televised press briefings

It may have been drowned out by the collapse of the European Super League last night, but for the government’s critics, the decision to keep No. 10’s expensive new TV studio while scrapping the press conferences that were supposed to go with it, has become the worst combination of government profligacy and unaccountability. Even so,

Today should be a day of truce in the Brexit war

‘Take up our quarrel with the foe’, intones John McCrae’s famous In Flanders Fields. ‘To you from failing hands we throw, the torch’. For the millions of us marking Remembrance Sunday today, that quarrel is a solemn reminder of past sacrifice. It refers, somewhat euphemistically, to one of the bloodiest, most tragic conflicts in history. For

Does Justin Trudeau realise how desperate his China love-in looks?

Whatever the reason behind Obama not getting the red carpet treatment in Hangzhou, there’s one leader who was guaranteed it: ‘Little Potato’. Or, as you might know him, Justin Trudeau. The pronunciation of Trudeau sounds similar to the Mandarin word for potato, and Chinese media’s primary frame of reference for him is through his father