Sarah Linney

Sarah Linney is a former local newspaper journalist from Kent

Why Madonna still matters

In my day job, I work with children. Well, OK, they’re in their twenties, but when they ask me who my favourite musician of all time is, and I say Madonna, they usually look blank. That funny-looking woman who had a few hits in the 1980s? Meh, what about Taylor Swift? Madonna may not have

Diary of a 42-year-old speed-dater

New experiences are always good. Meeting new people is always good. This is what I tell myself when my friend Rae invites me to go speed dating. At the age of 42. ‘Am I not too old?’ I ask her. She reassures me that I am not, but I have my doubts. A woman old

The socialist case against the strikes

Socialists like me are supposed to always support industrial action. But reports that doctors, teachers, local government employees and just about everyone in the public sector are considering joining rail workers on strike have failed to gladden my proletarian heart. Why? Because the reality is that none of these workers have much of a case

The NHS was a national treasure – but not any more

I love the NHS and with good reason: it saved my dad’s life twice, it saved my friend’s sight; and two weeks ago, it saved the life of my friends’ five-year-old daughter. At its best, the NHS is remarkable. But the post-pandemic NHS is anything but. It was this side of the health service – stressful, inefficient and