Sebastian Coe

Sebastian Coe is a former athlete, and is now president of World Athletics and a member of the International Olympic Committee. He led London's bid for the Olympic Games in 2012, and chaired the organising committee.

Should Simone Biles listen to Novak Djokovic?

I’ve always been a Spectator reader, so I’m delighted to be writing a diary about the Olympics from Tokyo. My first experience of an Olympic Games was probably the most political of them all — Moscow 1980. I wasn’t sure that I would be competing until a few weeks before the opening ceremony. The build-up

Should Britain boycott the Beijing Winter Olympics?

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Team GB has had a brilliant start in Tokyo – can the government learn lessons on how to pick and nurture talent? And looking to the Beijing Winter Olympics in 2022 – which foreign secretary Dominic Raab said he is ‘very unlikely’ to attend – should Britain boycott them? Katy Balls speaks to James Forsyth