2531: Villainy

The unclued lights, two of two words, are of a kind. Across 1 Eastern divine seen in pilgrimage returning to city (6) 7 Artillery piece shooting from side to side (6) 12 With respect to how ‘Looks’ might be clued? (9, two words) 15 Recorded in public register of the stars following bounder (9) 16

2519: Not so up-to-date

One clued solution can precede each unclued light (four of two words and one of three), all to be found in Chambers, Brewer, songs or sayings.   Across 9 Come to as Polyphemus would do? (10, three words) 14 Queen perhaps delaying introduction of legislation (3) 16 Amongst others, some retaliate (6, two words) 20

2508: Knightly?

The unclued lights (one of four words) are legendary. Across 9 Broadcast live in Torbay possibly to no avail (10) 14 Mark said to be a jerk (3) 16 Marvin Gaye’s ‘Healing’ depends on chromosomes (6) 17 Person I’m addressing, with most of the next generation (5) 18 Man died on beach, once (5) 22

2497: Scramble

Six unclued lights (three of two words) are of a kind, associated with the 16’s 11s, and overseen by 28. Elsewhere, ignore a grave accent.   Across 10 Some money held back for bananas (4) 12 16’s members who may face hostility, even crimes, perhaps? (10) 14 Use leverage to get private information (3) 17

2484: Troubled

The unclued lights are of a kind. Across 9 Go in with force, showing initiative (10) 14 Cast is enormous, but not good (3) 16 China’s new restrictive measures (6) 17 Girl showing leg in meadow (5) 18 Best buddies regularly skipped study (5) 20 Mites and ticks from a vehicle by Cretan mountain (7)

2471: Inky

The unclued lights can be associated with an undisclosed quality. All associations can be found in Brewer and/or Chambers. Alphabetical order takes precedence for the solution at 36D. Across 9 Having broken rule outside, detective begins to feel guilty (10)14 Stiff paper, way-out neckwear? (3)18 Cox for Hereford, perhaps? (5)20 Choose in calamitous situation whence

2447: No small matter

One clued light can be associated with ten unclued ones. Ignore accents. One solution is an IVR. Across 4 Thrills if Leicester is rebuilt (11)11 A guy inside upset funny Shakespearean philosopher (9)13 European articles on new growth – fails to hit target (11)14 Jar in school laboratory (4)15 ‘Parking no good’ – sign on

2438: Shining bright

One clued solution (which solvers must highlight) can be linked with eleven unclued solutions, (one in the plural). Brewer confirms them all, even showing that two of them can be further linked as a trio, thematically too!   Across 5    Character in Eliot drama, also in the saga that inspired it (6) 9    Maladjusted, he

2429: Homo

7A can be linked to nine unclued lights (three of two words, one of which repeats 7A) – in five cases as a prefix, in four cases as a suffix.   Across 7 Fifth of November and no old penny for the guy (3) 11 Engineer’s ancient letter stored by British Library (6) 13 Directions

2420: Crafty

Four unclued lights are thematic and are defined by two others. They are found in The 21 and 2 (also the singular of a fifth unclued light). Another unclued light is partly thematic, yet another was a high officer, whilst a final pair show status. One clued light is an abbreviation.   Across 11    Thankless daughter

2405: Satanic

Doc writes: welcome to Smurf as our third new compiler joining our team.   One unclued light, the heart of which is of essence, is linked with eight other unclued lights, verifiable in Brewer. Two further unclued lights are appositely characteristic. One other light is abbreviated. Ignore an apostrophe.   Across 4    No can do?