Spectator Briefing

Can hydrogen help us reach net zero?

Rarely a week goes by in politics without a reminder of the Conservatives’ ambitions to hit net zero by 2050. But how well do they understand the path to get there? Amidst the barrage of funding announcements and energy strategies, there remain outstanding questions about the road ahead – and one of the most persistent

Can the UK emerge as a world leader in renewable energy?

When it comes to renewable energy, the ambitions of recent Conservatives have verged on the superlative: from one prime minister’s infamous pledge to turn Britain into the ‘Saudi Arabia of wind power’ to a seemingly exponential explosion of green jobs across the country (half a million by 2030, according to Grant Shapps). The green transition

How to avoid blackouts on the road to net zero

Can we get to net zero and still keep the lights on? It’s a question that was thrust to the forefront of the agenda last February, as Russia’s invasion of Ukraine sent shockwaves across the energy market. With Europe now facing the once unthinkable prospect of blackouts, energy security has become more urgent than ever.