Stewart Jackson

Who will be on the candidates list?

14 min listen

James Heale speaks to Katy Balls and Lord Stewart Jackson, regional chairman of the Conservative Democratic Organisation. On the podcast they discuss Labour and the Conservative’s candidates selection process and the politics behind it.

Where’s Boris? A government at sea

37 min listen

From Covid to Brexit to even the culture wars, Boris’s performance seems to have been lacklustre. Where is the effervescent leader he was promised to be? (00:45) Sweden’s violent crime is spiking – and are politicians afraid to say why? (16:45) And on the other side of the world, why are the Japanese so much

Prime Minister Johnson’s turbulent first year

18 min listen

Boris Johnson probably didn’t expect his first year as Prime Minister to shake out quite the way it did. From winning a landslide majority, to leading the country during a global pandemic, it’s the sort of year that, if shown in a TV show fans would complain about too much being squeezed into one season.